Project Overview

Project Challenge

The core challenge was to seamlessly integrate technology into the teaching and learning processes, ensuring that both teachers and students could leverage modern tech tools in their everyday educational activities.


At Augusta Software House, we undertook the challenge to revolutionize Baitul Hikma’s educational approach through strategic technology integration.

Comprehensive Network Infrastructure: Our team meticulously implemented a robust network infrastructure. This included the installation of three Unifi access points, providing wide-ranging and reliable wireless connectivity across the school premises.

Audiovisual Technology Enhancement: We integrated three high-quality Epson projectors, each paired with its dedicated projector screen. This setup significantly enhanced the audiovisual capabilities of the classrooms, facilitating interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Scalability Consideration: Keeping future growth in mind, we designed the infrastructure to easily support additional devices. This foresight ensures that new tech tools can be incorporated seamlessly into the network as the school's needs evolve.

Network Management Optimization: A high-performance network switch was integrated to streamline network management and connectivity, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted digital experience for users.

Professional Setup: The entire system was neatly organized and housed within a network rack cabinet. This not only optimized the use of space but also contributed to a streamlined, professional appearance and easier maintenance.


Transformed Educational Approach: Our technological intervention at Baitul Hikma has marked a significant step forward in modernizing their educational delivery. Teachers and students now enjoy an enriched, tech-enabled learning environment.

Ready for Future Advancements: The infrastructure put in place paves the way for the school to easily adopt further technological advancements in education, keeping them at the forefront of academic excellence.

Project Information
Client: Baitul Hikma International
Website: www.baitulhikma.sc.ke

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