Our Services

Businesses and individuals are looking at all possible ways to target and retain potential clients and software platforms are increasingly becoming the defacto means of having an online presence. 

We partner with clients from various industries such as Education, Services, Tourism, Retail, Health Care among others to provide them with a strong online presence. Our services range from smart, interactive, and responsive solutions.

We develop IT Consultancy, Mobile Development, Web Development, Cyber Security, Server Set-up and Maintenance just to mention a few technologies.



Mobile App Development

At Augusta Software House we assist small businesses, Non_governmental organizations, enterprises and startups design, develop and launch custom mobile applications. We levarage the latest tools, frameworks, and standards to design and develop mobile applications for both IOS and Android platforms.

We are fully committed to developing a fully implementable mobile strategy that incorporates design, development and user testing before we develiver to the clients.


Mobile Solutions


  • Custom Mobile Apps
  • Native Mobile App
  • Cross Platform Mobile App
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Mobile App Testing
  • App Maintenance & Support


Web Development

Whatever your needs and requirements, we posses the expertise to transform your complex business ideas and logic into web applications. With the latest tools, technologies and trusted frameworks.

We design, develop, test and deliver enterprise web applications that will transform your enterprise.


Web-App Propositions


  • Flexible and User-Friendly Apps
  • App Testing & Implementation
  • Integration with Different Platforms
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective Web Development




Cyber Security

Business usually struggle to safegurd and protect their valuable data and information. Don't know where to start? You tried inconsistent security measures via available security products and support tools but nothing seems to work?

At Augusta Software House, we review your organization's existing security infrastructure and help come up with security measures that are viable and budget friendly. 





Server Setup & Maintenance

Whether you have a legacy system that has been running for many years or a brand new modern one - your system is usually a complicated sets of servers, software, rack, switches, routers, firewall just to mention a few of the components, all of which as engineered to provide your business with the infrastructure to access vital information and data that keeps your business on track.

You no longer need to hire and retain expensive internal experts, we at Augusta Software House we offer affordable means to install critical business servers and maintain whenever needed. Our services are geared toward budget friendly but equally professional services to keep your business running smoothly without breaking the bank.


Server-Setup & Maintenance Solutions


  • Database (MSSQL,MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, LDAP, OpenLDAP)
  • Debian Linux, Redhat Linux and Centos server setup
  • Apache web server setup (LAMP)
  • Mail server (Postfix, Sendmail, Exim, Qmail)
  • File servers for linux (Samba)
  • Patching, security and maintenance
  • E-Mail server setup (Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013)
  • Windows networking, Server clustering and Network Load Balancing (NLB)
  • Office server, Onsite and Remote support
  • Windows Server 2012, 2008 r2, 2008 and Small Business Server