Project Overview

Project Challenge

NACONEK faced significant administrative inefficiencies, data management challenges, issues with financial accountability, and hurdles in service delivery.


Augusta Software House rose to the challenge, overhauling NACONEK’s processes by implementing a tailored Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Our Approach

Process Automation: We streamlined NACONEK's process flows, replacing outdated procedures with automated, efficient workflows.

ERP Integration: Our experts designed and implemented an ERP system tailored to NACONEK's specific needs, integrating various functions and departments.

Customized Development: The ERP solution was custom-built to address the unique challenges and requirements of NACONEK, ensuring a perfect fit for their operations.


Improved Efficiency: The ERP system significantly enhanced organizational efficiency, reducing time and resource wastage.

Transparency and Accountability: Our solution brought about enhanced transparency in operations and stronger financial accountability.

Better Financial Management: NACONEK benefited from improved financial tracking and management, leading to more informed budgeting and expenditure decisions.

Data-Driven Decision Making: The ERP system provided valuable data insights, enabling smarter, evidence-based decision making.

Integration and Scalability: Our solution integrated various departmental functions into a single platform, offering scalability to adapt to future needs.

Cost Reduction: Over time, the ERP system is projected to significantly reduce operational costs.

Resource Management: Enhanced resource allocation and management, leading to more effective utilization of assets.

Enhanced Security: We implemented robust security measures within the ERP system, safeguarding sensitive information and data.


Operational Transformation: This project marks a significant milestone in NACONEK’s journey, transforming their administrative and operational landscape.

A Model for Government Agencies: The success of this project serves as a model for other government agencies looking to modernize and improve efficiency through technology.

Project Information
Client: National Council for Nomadic Education in Kenya (NACONEK)
Website: www.naconek.ke

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